If you love someone, set them free. If they come back they’re yours; if they don’t they never were.”- Richard Bach – Yeah?.. well fuck that shit and fuck Richard Bach. Do you honestly think, I have the time to meet someone, click, grow an attachment, fall in love, deeply in love, I’m not talking your average crush, I’m talking, going back to the days where we used to write love letters from long distances type of love, the “making a cup of tea and blowing it until its warm enough for them to drink” type of love… to have a soul connection, miss them, crave them, submit to them, etc.. just to let them go in the future. Wdf. Listen, if it’s gotton deep enough for me to fall into that type of love, I’m not letting you go. Fuck, I hate this generation of replacers. If something goes wrong, instead of fixing it, we replace, or let it go or some other dumb shit. No. Richard Bach, who is divorced, I will not take advice from you. As long as it isn’t toxic and unhealthy, I am not letting go.
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All people should have their cake and the ability to eat it too. 

And yes, I edited the title to include all sexualities. :)

A civil muffin

Even atheists could have seen heaven in your eyes.
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I can relate with this </3


I can relate with this </3


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I am a teenage girl:
I giggle
I throw my arms in the air
I sing and dance like no one’s around
I smile.

I am a teenage girl:
I live
I hang out with my friends
I spend all day on my phone
I communicate.

I am a teenage girl:
I flirt
I either devote myself to a boy or
I just see…